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Just wanted to update everyone with the current status of the blog, I also want to address my absenteeism.  I just finish a large project in my 9 to 5 life, and have been taking a break from a lot of things as well as taking care of some things on the home front that have been lacking my attention.

I will begin working on the blog again this week, and will be sending everyone a posting address in the next few weeks.  I have decided to just use e-mail posting, and commenting until there is enough of an interest to warrant money being spent.

As far as my absence from the game is concerned -- I am building a new machine, have sold the older machine which was the only one that I have that runs windows.  For few weeks I was running the game on my GNU/Linux machine, but was having far too many issues running DirectX to make it useful to continue doing so (*hopefully one day HiTech will decide to switch to OpenGL -- for reasons other than performance -- or port to the Linux / Unix platforms.

In other news, I just bought a new laptop so I have been playing with that and enjoying the nice weather for the last few days -- reason #420 to have 3g you can go fishing while updating your social network on your lack of actual fishing.



Some random WWII photos.

US Army WW2 Harley-Davidson motorcycle with rifle 

Floyd Bennett Field WW2 Power Plant 004 

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