Update:Just Came Back

I just came back to the game recently.  I have a lot to do in general, so I will be getting back to things as soon as possible.  I will have some articles and videos up in the coming days.  I believe that I will be switching it to a domain, but this one and the current feed will be active while I work on all this and for a short time later.

I have thousands of pictures and quite a few videos to edit, and add, they will be categorized here from my YouTube page and other accounts.  I will likely have a static link to the images here.  I also have several Facebook pages in the same category that I will add and link from the bio page.

I have another project that I will be asking for help on, I will post those details later today or tomorrow.

cheers all, and good to see everyone.

    Jon  (~ s1id3r0 *)