Squad Update: Maps, Radio Channels, Checklist Preview, and Gun Sights Zip.

Squad Update: 

The squad has effectively forked into two MA groups.  This is mostly due to disagreements over radio usage and tactics.  There were many things suggested, but in the end it seemed best if we just forked the two groups, allowing them to continue to grow separately and organically.

At some point when things are detailed we will be revisiting the squad night idea.

Radio Channels:

A list of the updated radio changes:
    AeroFighters:    Main: 158 Alternate:157
    GhostShakers:   Main: 158 Alternate:157 
    GraveDiggers[WWI]:   Main: 158 Alternate:157 

    Peacemakers:  Main: 195 Alternate: TBA [any changes can be found listed in your squad MOTD, Contact Higheye for any further information.]


Updates on event will be posted from the Aces High Events page when the dates and times are available.  Events are KOTH, Air Racing, Combat Challenge, Snapshot and FSO.

I will have the squad registered for FSO in the next few days, everything going well.  Anyone else that wants to participate, send me an email with "SPECIAL EVENTS" in the subject line so I can add you to the roster before the next event, this upcoming Friday.

Update on checklists and maps:

You can download the Maps as a Zip From the link below.  The preview is a screen shot of the package that I am putting together from Pandas originals.  I will also include some extra flight data and charts, along with radio channels and a flow list that will work for most fighter aircraft, as well as one that will work from most bombers.  

Download the Zip of printable maps here:: Download Zip 

Gun Sights:

You can download the extra gun sites from the link below.  I may add a preview at some point.  Included in the Zip are the B-25H 75mm, Osti-Tool, Pand Bomber Gunsight v1.0 and reverse v1.0, A2 Rocket Sight. Download Zip