Weekly Update 00

p51 dogfight image
# Starting new weekly updates on the blog.  This will have tags so that it should be easy to follow along in the conversion.  If we start getting a lot of participation I will make time to move it to my server and add forums and pic galleries for each member, videos, etc.  I just want to make sure that we have enough usage to justify moving the project to that level.  We got 500+ views this month, and seem to be drawing more of a crowd, even though the blog has been largely inactive in the last few years -- so that fills me with a bit of hope.  I am going to be posting the videos on my YouTube channel and monetizing it for the purpose of posting larger videos and in hopes that it will contribute to web hosting costs.

C3 screenshot
# We are moving to C3 http://www.downloadc3.com/  for in game chat.  We will then most likely be using the in game chat system for recruiting and event communication only.  As we realize that some of our members machines may lag a bit from running both the game and the chat system -- though more than likely it will be just fine--  we will be moving to the new system over time, as to lessen the technical and financial impact on everyone.  If you don't already have at-least an entry level video card (http://guru3d.com/news/nvidia-entry-level-cards-gt-610-620-630/), and a multi-threaded processor (http://www.sharkyextreme.com/guides/MVGSBG/article.php/3939851/PC-Buyers-Guide-for-EntryLevel-Gaming--April-2012.htm), you are going to want to think about upgrading in the coming year.  This will ultimately make your experience better, no one likes to lag about.  All the information that you need about the system should be on the c3 site and forums.  Google any issues that you have, if you still have issues you can get a hold of me and we can walk through it. 

formation flight image
# In the Main arena we are attempting to fly as many flights as possible in formation.  This has been difficult to do in all circumstances, but those that have been there are doing an excellent job.  The command would like to use missions when ever possible (i.e. we have 8 or so together on the server), this is so no one squad member is caught with their pants down.  We encourage everyone that is interested to start planning missions that you would like to run, so that everyone has info on planes and load-out.  

I will be starting a Facebook page, Google Plus account, and Twitter account linked with the blog and the web-page so that everyone can keep track of things the way they want to.  You can subscribe to the blog using your choice of feed readers, though I suggest Google Reader.  Today I started a Picasa-Web account connected to this blog so that we can post longer videos, and lots of screenshots without breaking things later if we need to move the blog to another host.